So, what is the Leadership Lansing Scholarship?

It was just about a year ago that I was sitting in a board meeting for the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce listening to a presentation about a new leadership training initiative being launched called Leadership Lansing.  It's goal: bring together emerging leaders from local business and engage and train them in becoming leaders for the entire mid-Michigan community. 

A number of the larger employers in the area and on the board immediately said they'd be enrolling people from their teams, and as I sat there I saw an opening.  Leaders come from all corners and Mid-Michigan's non-profit community has many.  It was at that meeting and at that moment the Resch Strategies Leadership Lansing Scholarship was born, as it aims to support an area non-profit leader with tuition for the enrollment in the Leadership Lansing program.

For Leadership Lansing's first session, which is graduating its initial class next month, we were proud to partner with Tammy Hannah, Executive Director of the Origami Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center, as our scholarship's first recipient.  Tammy and Origami have been clients and do amazing work at their growing facility just south of the MSU campus.

For our Resch Strategies team, while we do work all across Michigan and in other states, Lansing is our home and the community is at a crossroads.  Strong leadership is needed not only within and among our business community, but is desperately needed in our civic organizations and elected leadership positions.

If our scholarship can help impact this for the better in even the smallest way, I will consider it a success.

You can click here to learn more and nominate a Lansing-area non-profit who you think would benefit from this cool new training program... even if it's yourself.  We'd be happy to pick up the tab.

- Matt