This Blog Post on Graphic Design is 42% Better than My Last One

So I’ve been flooded with questions about my last blog post, which, let’s face it, isn’t that surprising considering it was such a complete and utter viral sensation.

“Joe, your post was both deeply informative AND wildly entertaining. How did you manage such a masterful effort on your first blogging attempt?”

“Joe, have you always been this funny?”

Joe, you’re so handsome. What’s your secret?”

 “Joe, I want to communicate statistical information with a slick Canva graphic but there’s no easy way to do this. Do you have any tips?”

Actually, I do.

This individual, who will remain nameless and is definitely real, asks a good question. Canva is a fantastic design tool but it certainly isn’t perfect, and one of its major shortcomings is that its library of pictures and graphics is static and not easily customizable. In most cases, this really isn’t an issue, but if you’re planning to design a graphic that stresses statistical information, Canva can feel a little limited.

That’s where Illustrio comes in.

Illustrio is another design tool for non-designers offering a customizable image library that beautifully complements Canva. I use it in conjunction with Canva anytime I design a graphic highlighting a percentage figure. Here’s what you do:

1.       Start with your percentage figure in Illustrio. Like Canva, Illustio is extremely easy to use. To produce a percentages graphic, simply login and select ‘Percentages’ from the side menu and then choose from over 5,000 different options. The search bar can help you narrow the field.

2.       Modify the percentage and color scheme. Once you have a graphic picked out, you can adjust the percentage and the color scheme to match both the data and your branding.

3.       Download the Illustrio graphic.

4.       Upload the Illustrio graphic into Canva. Once the graphic is uploaded into Canva, you can incorporate it into your designs just like you would any other image. 

Voilà! It’s that easy.

Maybe next time we’ll cover something more challenging – like handsomeness.