Yes, Your Organization Can and Should be Using Instagram

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – these social media platforms are what many organizations typically use in promoting their work. But an equally important social media channel—and one that is commonly overlooked—is Instagram.

Instagram is wildly popular among both millennials and the up-and-coming generation Z.  To capture this market, grow your brand and make your business more well known, having a presence on this platform makes your brand relevant in a whole new way.

Why? The old adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words” definitely holds true where social media is concerned. Fast, friendly, and hyper-efficient, a quick snap can tell your story in super-compelling ways. People will connect with you visually, which leads to better recall and brand ID.

To start out, find other users in your industry, especially influencers, to connect with. See what kind of content they post and create your own. Tag them in posts they would find relevant and comment on content you find interesting. Become an active member of the Instagram community.

Don’t be afraid to repost followers’ posts as well. With their permission of course, regram a fun photo of someone at your event or using your product. This is a great way to engage with fans, make them feel special and show peer trust, a bonus considering 92% of consumers trust a peer recommendation over advertising.

Instagram also allows you to invite your audience in in a different way. There is no other platform as visually focused as Instagram, so take advantage of it!  Take your followers behind the scenes and show them how you do the important work that you do. Showcase your events, fundraisers, new staff members or volunteers, even just the planning process of an event can be documented. There are endless opportunities to showcase the efforts of your organization.

Visuals are everything in today’s online world, so let your photos speak for themselves. Most people don’t just want to post for the sole sake of posting and it’s true. You want your posts to have some kind of message & strategy behind them. Get creative with hashtags and use (or create) a digital strategy that will not only appeal to your followers but engage and resonate with them.

Starting up a new platform venture can be intimidating, but creating and curating relevant content for Instagram is a key in today’s social media world. 

- Sarah