3 Fundamentals for Successful PR Pros

Snapchat.  Gifs.  Streaming video.

Storytelling has come a long way in the last ten years, since the olden days of press releases and PowerPoints.

New technology has opened new doors to new audiences and it’s helping our clients connect in powerful and meaningful ways with people they may never have reached in the past.

It can be easy to get caught up and swept away by the promise of the latest social media channel or smartphone app, but at Resch Strategies we understand that even the best tools will only get you so far, unless you’ve got a firm foundation.

Every year this time new college grads start hunting for their place, looking to change the world.  We’ve been incredibly fortunate at Resch Strategies to grab one of the best and brightest ourselves.  (Hey, Sarah!)

When we’re asked for advice on what it takes to make it in public affairs, public relations, or the professional world in general, the answers are simple, and they’re the foundational principles behind everything we do.

These days, they’re more important than ever.

Hard work.

If it was as simple as it seems, everyone would be doing it—and be a lot more successful.

Hard work can overcome a million other shortcomings.  Study up.  Put in the extra hour or two to understand your client’s issue.  Make the extra phone call.  Pour the extra cup of coffee and put off Netflix until tomorrow night.

Everyone at Resch maintains a pretty awesome work / life balance, but that’s only possible because we work hard and work smart to get your work done, and to get it done right.


Don’t cut corners.  Keep your word.  Be principled. 

Sometimes that’ll mean a little extra work (see “Hard work” above), and yeah, sometimes it’ll even mean turning down a new contract or a new client. 

But nothing can torpedo a client (or ruin a career) faster than getting tagged as unprincipled or untrustworthy.  And nothing can ruin a good night’s sleep faster than taking on work that conflicts with your conscience.


Networking matters, but relationships matter more, especially when interfacing with clients and working alongside the media.

Don’t just pitch a reporter a story.  Get to know her.  Be intentionally grateful for an email response or a call back during her busy day, or send a little note thanking her for the phone conversation.  Offer congrats on that big scoop, even if it didn’t have anything to do with one of your clients. 

And when you bump into a client or a reporter in line at the grocery store or at Common Ground, try to avoid talking shop.  Make friends.  They’ll last a lot longer than a newspaper clipping.

We put the same premium on relationships with our clients.

One of the great things about working in PR is the opportunity to get to know so many incredible people and learn (and share) their unique and fascinating stories.  

Always remember that while public relations matter, people matter more.

-- Nick