Cold Oatmeal anyone?

Yesterday, I turned 43.  Today, I’m introducing a new podcast.  (Mid-life crisis, anyone?)

Actually, The Cold Oatmeal Podcast has been at various stages of creative development now for many months, and the birthday mention is just a ploy to up the number of heartfelt, belated wishes left on my Facebook page. 

Cold Oatmeal 3000X3000.jpg

Cold Oatmeal is a production of our whole team at Resch Strategies.  It’s been a labor of love and learning aimed at scratching a collective, creative itch (Does that sound gross?).  It’s not about politics. It’s not about yelling.  We all have enough of that.

The Cold Oatmeal Podcast is about the people we work with, the public affairs and public relations work we do and the lives we lead. 

Our first episode is now live on our website and even on iTunes.  In it, we talk to a great friend and leader in the field of marketing and communications in Michigan, Emily Guerrant.  Emily is the vice president for marketing, communications and public relations for the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and her job is to market an entire state.  We asked her about her job, the changing media landscape and what advice she would offer to PR agencies like us.

We also had a little “extra helping” of Cold Oatmeal and talked to Emily about her three trips to China with Governor Snyder and the ins and outs of handling PR for a trip like that.  You can listen to the Extra Helping here, and you should because the China stuff is fascinating.

Emily was a great first “official” guest and follow up to our talk with Zach Gorchow from Gongwer News Service.  We talked to Zach this summer.  Consider it the Cold Oatmeal “Pilot Episode.” 

Fake news.  The Tigers.  His first big story.  MSU football.  Annoying habits of PR flaks.  We talked about all of it, and Zach was awesome, even if the rest of us were feeling our way through our first time.  Plus, if you listen to the end, you’ll hear the origins of our podcast name.

The Cold Oatmeal Podcast is meant to be fun and informative, for both us and, hopefully, for you.  It will come out regularly, but not annoyingly.   You can subscribe on iTunes.  You can listen from our website.  You can look for the latest episode on our Resch Strategies’ Facebook and Twitter pages.  We also cautiously welcome your feedback.

Welcome to The Cold Oatmeal Podcast.

--- Matt