Everyone! Take my survey! And also take note of how great I look wearing a watch fob.

Survey Graphic Final 2.png

Guys, I don’t know what to write. It’s been months since my last blog – a masterpiece if there ever was such a thing – but writing it squeezed every last bit of creativity out of me. I simply have nothing left to give.

What else can I share with you guys? If you’ve read my writing, it should be painfully clear by now that I lead a very boring life, but I’ve already covered that ad nauseam (see here, here, and here). I can only go to that well so many times before the shtick gets a little tired.

And I can’t possibly think you’d want my advice on anything “professional.” I think the best professional advice I could give is to turn to the other professionals in my office if you’re seeking professional advice (here’s some great stuff. And here’s more. You’re welcome!) And Matt has kind of cornered the market on effortlessly spilling out poignant, reflective prose that somehow manages to make you feel good AND like crap for not being the one to feel/think/write such lovely, thoughtful things. And those who know me best (or even a little bit) know I could never pull that off anyway.

So where does that leave me?

I’ll tell you where – looking for shortcuts.

So, after very little reflection (this is a shortcut after all) I think I’ve come up with artfully brilliant solution - place the burden on you guys! My loyal readers!

The one thing my Resch blog efforts have is immense readership.* Throngs of devoted readers from all corners of the internet come out of the woodwork to read my musings on the minutia that makes up my daily life.**

It’s time I harness that.

It’s time you guys tell me what you think of my blog posts. What have you particularly liked and disliked? What would you like to see me write about in the future? Do you even read my blog posts? I want answers to these types of questions.

And you know what makes this survey thing even better? It’s actually relevant to world of PR. I love incorporating surveys into the work we do.  If done well, they’re a great, cost-effective way to engage your audience and gain some valuable insight on the product or service you’re delivering to your clients.***

But mostly, this is just a con. Assuming you guys actually come through for me here, if I play my cards right, I can probably coast straight through the spring of 2018 before I’m forced to come up with another creative blog idea.  Here’s my 3-step plan:

Step 1: Devote next blog post to reviewing the findings of the survey. You guys can definitely count on seeing the results, which should be fun for everyone.

Step 2: Devote the blog after that to answering the questions you hopefully leave for me at the end of the survey. The last question of my survey is your opportunity to ask me questions you’d like me to answer. Who’s the best Ninja Turtle? A ranking of the movies in the Mighty Ducks franchise. An absurd “would you rather” question. Something related to work (gasp!). I don’t care what it is, as long as it’s something you wouldn’t be embarrassed to have your mother read, I’ll answer it. Fire away.  

Step 3: If step 2 goes well, Joe’s mailbag will become a regular feature on the Resch Strategies blog. Make it happen, people. We all want this.

 So, without further ado, take my survey! Click here to get started! It should take all of 60 seconds to complete, so no excuses.



*There is absolutely no evidence to support this outlandish claim. But I love to brag about my loyal army of readers around the office. Please, guys…don’t make me look like an idiot here.

**Again, there is absolutely NO data to support this. I’m taking a real gamble here. Everyone, please click the link to my blog at least 5 times before reading forward.

***The survey you’re about to take IS NOT a good example of a quality survey. But trust me, Resch Strategies can definitely help you in that department if that’s something you’re looking for. Maybe I’ll even blog about how to go about crafting an effective survey at some point. I guess it probably all depends on the results of this survey.