One Year in #LoveLansing

August 1, 2017 will mark my one-year anniversary of being a Lansing resident.

Prior to this year, I hadn’t spent much time in mid-Michigan. I grew up in the Grand Rapids area and we didn’t usually come over to the capital city that much.  Even when I enrolled at Michigan State, I spent most of my time east of 127.

This past year has been more about just discovering the local area, though. It’s been an eye-opening experience, as it was the first time I’ve lived completely on my own. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely call my mom about once a week or so, usually freaking out about something miniscule, but this year really has taught me a lot about capabilities I didn’t even know I had. It’s also shown me the great number of people who will support me in a time of need, and I’ve genuinely surprised myself with what I have accomplished.

That’ll be a future blog post though. Today, we’re going to go over my favorite things about the Lansing area. There is a lot to see, do and experience, but my top 4 favorites are as follows:

Local Parks & the Lansing River Trail.

I love spending time outside, whether it’s hiking, walking or just spending time by the water. Lansing and the greater Lansing area have an amazing amount of places to spend time outdoors. My personal favorites include the Lake Lansing Park (north for hiking, south for relaxing by the water), Hawk Island and the Lansing River Trail.

I’m lucky to have found an apartment within walking distance of the River Trail, and I truly think it’s one of the best ways to end the day. It’s beautifully maintained, and whether you want to run, bike or just walk like I prefer, you can soak in the scenery with the sunset in the background.

The Lake Lansing trails, though a bit further in Haslett, offer great walks in the woods – perfect for a solo hike or one with friends.

Life by the Capitol.

I think the Capitol building is one of the most beautiful and regal buildings in Lansing. I like the fact that the building represents our democracy and is a true embodiment of the city.  And, living and working right by the Capitol is always an adventure. There is always something going on on the lawn, whether it’s 10 degrees outside or 90 – a rally, organization picnic or just the farmer’s market.

Capital Area District Library.

If you read my last blog (which, if you haven’t then you should), you’ll know that I love to read and it’s been a small 2017 project of mine to read more.

The CADL is such a great place to discover all kinds of books, movies, music, audiobooks and more – all for free. Honestly, the concept of libraries is incredible if you think about it. There are locations throughout all of greater Lansing, meaning their options are endless. The branch I go to typically is within walking distance from both my apartment and office, which is definitely a plus.

Lansing Lugnuts.

Being an avid baseball fan, going to Lugnuts games has been a great way to get my baseball fix without having to drive to all the way to Detroit. Especially on Thirsty Thursday or on other themed games, it’s great to see people from all over Lansing come out to support the team. The Lugnuts are right downtown, perfect for stopping by Lansing Brewing Company before or after the game.

The past year here in Lansing has not been without its ups and downs; however, I’m so glad that I’ve been able to spend my first year of the “real world” here. It’s been great to explore a new area and meet new people here in town, and I’m really looking forward to continuing to learn more about mid-Michigan and its hidden gems.

Here’s to the next year!

Seriously, though… my apartment lease is a 2-year lease, so I have to stay.

- Sarah