The Mackinac Conference is Awesome:  Staying Home Edition

The Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce’s annual Mackinac Policy Conference.

The horses are manicured, the lilacs are in bloom, and the parties are endless.  For lawmakers, candidates, public policy gurus, consultants, and their coterie, it’s a landmark week at the start of the summer.  A wave of seersuckered humanity crashes against the Schepler’s docks, breathes in the Island’s unique mingled odor, and gets to work.

Over a walk up the hill to the Grand, a cigar at the Jockey Club, or a keg at Goodfellow’s, business gets done.  Deals are sealed.  Impressions are made.  News is broken.

Resch Strategies will be well represented on the Island, as always.  The implacable Matt Resch will be attending to the needs of clients, scouting locations for the next Cold Oatmeal podcast, and doing all sorts of other impressive things. 

Me?  I’ll be holding down Fort Lansing.  But don’t weep for me.  It’s not all bad.  In fact, staying behind has a few distinct advantages. 

So without further ado, here are the Top 5 Things about the DRC Mackinac Policy Conference for Lansing People Who Don’t Go to the DRC Mackinac Policy Conference.  (#Catchy)

1)      Parking is a lot easier.  With half the city temporarily relocated 230 miles and a boat ride north, getting in and out of the lots is a breeze.  Cuts 5 minutes off the evening commute.  Easy. 

2)      Shorter lines at Jimmy Johns.  There are probably shorter lines at other restaurants, too, and when they start serving Slim 1s, I’ll probably start eating there more often.  In the meantime, my go to lunch option is a day away from getting freaky-faster.

3)      Steering clear of the gossip sheets.  Did you hear about the brawl last night outside the Pink Pony?  You’ll never believe who I saw having drinks behind the Dreamcatcher Cottage!  Could you believe she said that about her own candidate? 

Nope, don’t care, and c’mon, we were all thinking it.  I wasn’t there and I wasn’t involved.  In the immortal word of Johnny Drama…. “Victory!”

4)      Business casual Wednesdays.  Governor Snyder years ago revolutionized dress code expectations for men downtown.  As often as not, ties are out.  But when the legislature is up north taking buggy rides, blue jean Friday moves up a couple days.

5)      Productivity Overload. While half the movers and shakers do their thing on the Island, the rest of us are left with fewer interruptions, fewer meetings, and fewer conference calls.  The result?  Bigger chunks of the day to drill down and focus on the to-do list.

The conference is, no doubt, an amazing event.  A highlight of every summer.  Even for those of us who won’t be there.