New Year’s Resolutions: Improving Your Social Media in 2017

Every year, January 1 comes and serves as an opportunity to set new goals. With many struggling to make their New Year resolutions last more than a couple weeks, it can be challenging to actually stick to the goals that you set out to accomplish.

Improving your business or organization’s social media efforts is a great goal for the new year and is something that all businesses should take time for. Social media channels are one of the first places people search when looking for information on a company and are an easy way to connect with customers.

Here are a couple key steps to get started:

Take note of where you are currently.  

The first step is to assess where you currently stand on social media. Take note of various elements like likes, followers, posts and engagement. By recording these numbers, you have a starting point – something to look back on in 3, 6 or even 12 months. Also take note of the demographics of your followers. Even simple tools like Facebook insights and Twitter analytics are great for getting to know your audience better. This information will help in message formation.

Create an initial calendar.

Look at the upcoming year and see what’s coming up. Events, holidays and other happenings related to your industry serve as a great framework for social media opportunities. Identifying these will help avoid any surprises as the year goes on and as events come up, add them to the calendar. Make updating and maintaining this part of your morning routine, similar to checking emails.

Engage and be a part of the community.

Social media is a dialogue, a great place to create conversations, so join in! Connect with other businesses in your community and organizations you collaborate with. Tagging, commenting, sharing – these are all interactions that will strengthen your online relationships with other businesses and individuals. Establishing and growing these connections will help your page and increase your following.

The importance of a strong social media presence is emphasized constantly, but many don’t know where to begin. There is no better time than this upcoming new year to get your social media pages off on the right foot.

- Sarah