Twitter Update: What Changed?

Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 3.00.44 PM.png

About a month ago, Twitter began slowly rolling out a refreshed desktop look to its users. For those who don’t like change, this may have come as a shock when your personal Twitter finally made the switch.

The update is certainly noticeable - and apparently, we can all thank ourselves for the changes. Most of the new features are courtesy of user feedback.  

Things like bookmarks, an explore page, and updated personalization features were all requested among other updates - and Twitter delivered. The new coat of paint offers a faster, easier to navigate and more personalized Twitter experience. Plus, an updated look and feel more consistent with the mobile version.

Many of the new updates can be found in the new and improved left-hand navigation. According to, where you can garner more insights into this switch, the social platform now offers:

-       More of the same great content happening in the apps, now on desktop.

-       The ability to jump from your profile, to bookmarks, lists and more.

-       Quick and easy access to your direct messages.

-       The ability to switch between accounts directly from the side navigation.

-       More ways to personalize Twitter with new themes and color options.

The one new feature that has some people stumped is the ability to switch between accounts. This is something the mobile app has had for a while, Instagram also has this feature, and it is super handy when managing multiple Twitter accounts.

To set this up on desktop, you simply go to the left-hand navigation and click on “More,” then the + icon at the top right, and then click to login to one or multiple existing accounts. 

Here is a quick screen video to show you how easy it is to set up:

Twitter Update.gif

Good luck navigating the changes. Any questions or thoughts about the new Twitter? Send them to @nikkiwomeara. See you on the socials!