Episode 19: Let's Get Ready to RUMBLE!!

Our good friend and Resch Strategies team member, Nick DeLeeuw, is an interesting cat. One of the most unique people we know. So, I guess we should not have been surprised when he told us one of his very best, long-time friends is a six foot, seven inch, 350 pound professional wrestler from “the deepest darkest jungles.” Yes, the one and only, Kongo Kong.

Episode 17: The Michigan Department of Social Media

Today, we truly kick the PR tires of this little communications vehicle and examine the age-old question: What happens when the chaos and creativity of social media meet the procedures and priorities of state government? 

What we found is that a statewide social media and digital content administrator is born, naturally.  Andrew Belanger is that administrator for the State of Michigan, and he is today’s guest on the Cold Oatmeal podcast. 

What’s it like to ultimately bear the responsibility for every tweet, post, and snap coming from Michigan state government?  Let’s find out.

Episode 13: What Sandwich Would You Be?

There’s no going back now.  Today, we actually have a radio broadcasting profession on the podcast. 

It’s a little bit like asking a celebrity chef over for some Craft mac and cheese and a nice white Zinfandel from a box.

Cheyna Roth, the capitol correspondent for Michigan Public Radio, is our celebrity chef, and we talk journalism movies, sandwiches, fighting crime on the streets of Ionia and what makes for good radio.  Our friend Andrea Bitely, Comms Director for Michigan's Attorney General, also helps out with guest hosting duties.

Episode 11: I Always Wanted To Be In A Band

Episode 11:  I Always Wanted To Be In A Band

(Tap... tap... tap)  Is this thing on?  Ok?  Ok.

We’ve heard you fans, loud and clear. We’ve turned up the volume a bit and moved closer to the mic for this week’s episode after our experiment last time podcasting in mime… Sorry about that John Reurink.  Apparently actually being able to hear a podcast is an important feature.

And what better episode to be able to hear than our conversation today with signer/songwriter/lawyer/father Brian Westrin of the band Westrin and Mowry.

Episode 10: How you measure a swordfish, and the true meaning of journalism.

Did you know that if you catch a swordfish and go to measure it so you can brag to your friends, the fish’s sword nose isn’t included in the actual measurement?

Did you know you can hop a plane to Mackinac Island in the winter for 30 bucks?

Did you know Stephanie is really good at podcast announcing?

We learned all these things talking to John Reurink, owner and publisher of MIRS News