Episode 4: Hey, Let's Start a Sports Team


Despite what some on this podcast may think, there is more to owning and operating a soccer club than “kicking and stuff.” 

This past summer, Lansing United wrapped up its 4th season in the National Premier Soccer League.  Aside from all the kicking and the running, what goes into starting something like this?  How do you market a new sports team to a community?  How did the press react?  How do you fill the bleachers?

Today, we talk about the PR behind the PKs (that’s penalty kicks) with Jeremy Sampson, the President and CEO of Lansing United.  And, we discuss our own back-of-napkin moments of brilliance.

This is the Cold Oatmeal Podcast.

TODAY'S MUSICAL FEATURE:  "Favorite Part" off the Rogues album by Westin and Mowry.