Episode 6: Reinventing Your Brand... the Right Way

Happy New Year!


2017 was pretty awesome for Taylor Swift and for our little podcast here.  Otherwise, hello 2018.  We’ve been waiting for you.

A new year is always a time when people take a look at themselves, evaluate and look for ways to do things a little differently.  Maybe a new look.  A new approach.  We call them resolutions of course.

For a business or organization, it’s called rebranding.  It’s obviously a much more complicated and important process than your typical resolution because unlike a resolution, your brand actually needs to last.


Today, we are going to rebrand 2017, call it 2018 and talk to Karen Stefl, a friend and a Principal at Render Studies, who took much of last year to put a new look, a new name and new brand around her business.

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