Episode 23: Funny Guy. Right Here.

The election is over.  The campaigning is done.  The ads are gone. 

We talked about it here and wanted to bring a guest into the Cold Oatmeal studios to help us wrap it all up.  So, we invited a stand-up comedian, of course.


Dwayne Gill, the funny cop, is our guest today, and we don’t spend a minute talking about politics.

Dwayne’s been a Michigan state police trooper for more than 25 years and a stand-up comedian for about the same amount of time.

How’d he get started?  What do you learn at comedy school?  Yes, there is such a thing.  How to get a gig and build your name in comedy?

A little parental discretion may be advised.  You are listening to the Cold Oatmeal podcast.