Episode 25: The Lame Turkeys

Ok, for anyone not in Lansing, MI this week, our little town is in the throws of the Legislature’s Lame Duck session. 


Minds are being lost.  Chants are being chanted.  Large ducks, both inflatable and with actual people inside of them are showing up holding signs and wearing name tags.

It’s off the hook.  So, trying to find a good time to get our podcast out this week - and announce the Golden Turkey winners - as been a bit of challenge.  It’s also been hard to figure who might be a good person to have on to help us make sense of it all.

Our first 93 invited guests declined, so Chris Harkins is with us.  He’s a legislative guy, and he knows stuff.

Chris Harkins, Lame Duck, and the Golden Turkey winners.  It’s either a really bad band, or the poultry episode of the Cold Oatmeal podcast.