Episode 10: How you measure a swordfish, and the true meaning of journalism.

Did you know that if you catch a swordfish and go to measure it so you can brag to your friends, the fish’s sword nose isn’t included in the actual measurement?


Did you know you can hop a plane to Mackinac Island in the winter for 30 bucks?

Did you know Stephanie is really good at podcast announcing?

We learned all these things talking to John Reurink, owner and publisher of MIRS News, a daily newsletter covering Michigan government, and to Sarah Ombry, our adventurous former colleague who broke our hearts, moved away, and by herself doubled the winter population of Mackinaw City.

And, we may also touch on the principles of journalism, the changing media landscape, the impact of term limits, and the true meaning of job satisfaction.  Blah!

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