Episode 15: The Voice


Aw shucks.  No Helen Keller truthering on today’s episode.  But, our cold open to Cold Oatmeal will give Stormy, Alec, and Ben a run for their money.

Ever wonder what it’s like to hear your voice on the radio or TV… every single day?  Or, maybe as you walk into stores or catch a plane at the airport?

The “Man of a Couple Voices,” Bob Olson, joins the podcast to tell us.

Bob’s a 20-year voiceover pro and here’s betting some dried elderberries and flaxseed you’ve heard him once or twice or two dozen times.  Bob talks the radio business, how he got started doing voiceovers and how he markets and maintains his pipes.  And for Nikki, Bob just talking about anything was enough.

Nick’s three-legged pig friend and some Russian robots also stop by.

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