Episode 19: Let's Get Ready to RUMBLE!!

Faithful listeners, you’ve waited long enough. Our summer siesta is over and season two of the Cold Oatmeal podcast is here. And, we are back with a slam… a body slam to be exact.


Our good friend and Resch Strategies team member, Nick DeLeeuw, is an interesting cat. One of the most unique people we know. So, I guess we should not have been surprised when he told us one of his very best, long-time friends is a six foot, seven inch, 350 pound professional wrestler from “the deepest darkest jungles.” Yes, the one and only, Kongo Kong.

As we talked about topics to cover here in season two of Cold Oatmeal, we thought through PR best practices, case studies and the latest trends. Then we said, “Screw that, let’s talk to Kongo!”

So Kongo Kong, a.k.a Steve Wilson, is with us today, and he’s great. He talks about how he got into the biz. How he markets himself and his character. How he uses social media to build his brand. And, he picks Joe up over his head.

You’re listening to season two (We made it!) of the Cold Oatmeal podcast.