Episode 38: WXYZ'S Ann Marie LaFlamme

Cold Oatmeal made it on TV… no big deal.

Cold Oatmeal made it on TV… no big deal.

You know those times when you have to get up super early, and you toss and turn afraid you’re going to sleep through your alarm?  Now, imagine “super early” actually means 1:30 a.m., and you have to do it every day, and after you do it you have to go on LIVE TV for four hours.

That’s the life of today’s podcast guest, Ann Marie LaFlamme.  Ann Marie is a reporter and morning news anchor for WXYZ TV 7 in Detroit, and she’s also Laura’s buddy.

We talk working her way up the TV news business, TV news in a social media age, Detroit’s Most Wanted, and Laura’s fear of dolphins.

It’s the Cold Oatmeal podcast.