How We Can Help


Message Development And Strategic Planning

Your time, resources and success are all too important to leave to chance. At Resch Strategies, two rules drive our work: 1) develop a strong message and stick to it, and 2) develop a solid plan and execute it. Message development and strategic planning are the pillars of any successful communications effort and they are the staples of what we do best.

Issue Management

Take a tough issue. Throw in the media, testy local officials, a handful of state lawmakers, TV ads, grassroots mobilization and public outreach. Now, you've got issue management. With years of experience in the Executive and Legislative branches of government, as well as in corporate America, we've seen first-hand that crucial issues are rarely the easy ones. Built on a message and guided by a plan, Resch Strategies will manage your issue - and all its moving parts - from start to result.

Media Relations And Crisis Communications

Never is it more important to have the right message and the right plan than when you are working with the media or have your back against a wall. Press conferences. Editorial board meetings. Radio interviews. TV one-on-ones. Returning a reporter's call on deadline. Resch Strategies will train you to work with the media, guide you through the tough news cycles and help eliminate the word "crisis" from your communication experiences.

Media, Mail And The Web

A strong message only gets stronger when paired with powerful images and creative design. TV and radio ads, brochures, mail, websites and more all help you take your message to the next level. Each step of the way, Resch Strategies will direct the careful development and production of the messaging materials you need to better tell your story.

New Media Strategies

If you are only speaking to traditional news outlets you are ignoring critical, effective and targeted messaging opportunities– and big audiences!  
Resch Strategies is not just an industry leader in effective new media outreach… we literally helped write the book by launching and fostering new media communities, networking one-on-one with hundreds of citizen journalists and personally mentoring national prize winning new media activists.

Events, Training, And Specialized Tools

Getting your job done right means using the right tool.  Whether it’s producing a dynamic video, planning and facilitating major events, white papers, polling, or building a website that tells your story effectively, Resch Strategies has the tools you need and the experience to get the job done right.

Podcasting Services

Whether you’re seeking a fresh new way to share information, trying to better connect with your clients and employees or just simply looking for an opportunity to have some fun at the office like us, a well-produced, lively podcast can help get you there and Resch Strategies is happy to help make that happen. Step into the Cold Oatmeal Café and have a look a the menu of podcasting services we offer.